Recurse: Day of Noise Set

All things strange and beautiful. Twenty-four hours straight of live experimentation and improvisation, featuring experimental/noise/drone bands and artists from the Bay Area and beyond. A KZSU tradition since the '90s. This is the 12th Day of Noise.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis

To help escape from predators, cephalopods of the order Teuthida (squids) eject ink in two ways: as dense pseudomorphic blobs and as large diffuse clouds. Our research suggests that squid ink interferes with the ability of fish to pursue and find food.



Piece for Stanford Laptop Orchestra 2013. The piece is based on synthesis techniques like granulization and live input sampling.


Lacoustic is a piece that is what it sounds like—a combination of laptop and acoustic. The piece features three acoustic instruments, the violin, piano, and guitar, but uses the laptop to enhance these instruments and enable them to generate sounds that they could not create on their own.

Sex Couch

Alternative Pop Rock Music.

From Busan To San Francisco

Part of Stanford's Graphic Novel Project 2012. A story about a South Korean teenage girl lured into sexual slavery in the United States in order to pay off a huge financial debt.